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Company Description: 

          TetraScience, headquartered in Boston, is a company focused on providing laboratory data solutions. To this end, it offers several services which seek to make the collection, centralization, and preparation of data easier. Among these services are:

  1. Laboratory Monitoring: A service which takes an Internet-of-Things approach to laboratory monitoring, allowing users to observe real-time and historical temperature, humidity, and more inside laboratory fridges, incubators, etc. Equipment usage statistics and scheduling are also available.

  2. Data Conversion: A service which packages heterogeneous experimental data sets into a single file designed for data science and cloud computing

  3. Data Integration: A service which automatically collects experimental data, centralizes the data to a cloud repository, harmonizes data with pipelines, and prepares data for data scientific analysis

Occupation Period:

March 2019 - August 2019

Position Title: 

Field Deployment Technician

Position Description:

          As a Field Deployment Technician (FDT), I was responsible for:

  1. Getting new clients up and running. This involved:

    1. Provisioning monitoring devices ("Links") ​in accordance with what type of data collection each would be used for (e.g. temperature, humidity, CO2 level, door open/close status), setting up WiFi credentials, installing drivers, registering devices in the cloud, and ensuring sensing hardware was operational.

    2. Traveling to client laboratory sites and installing Links and sensors on fridges, freezers, incubators, etc.

    3. Adding Link metadata and initializing client-requested alarm setpoints

  2. Addressing Client Issues. This involved:​

    1. Determining the cause for malfunctioning sensors/Links or other client problems.

    2. If necessary, traveling on-site to client laboratories and performing a variety of tasks including replacing/re-provisioning Links and updating internal files/cloud information to ensure seamless data-acquisition transition.

  3. Sensor Reviews:​

    1. Performing daily reviews of customer sensor data in order to anticipate hardware failure and make plans to replace malfunctioning or potentially soon-to-malfunction hardware if necessary.​

  4. Miscellaneous other tasks:​

    1. Preparing installation guides for clients who wished to perform Link installations themselves.

    2. Updating client metadata.

    3. Receiving hardware shipments.

    4. Organizing and streamlining equipment testing area to ensure efficient testing and reduce the likelihood of human error.

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