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Feedback Control Systems

Feedback Control Systems was a course in the theory, computational analysis,
and design of control systems

Select course topics can be found below:


  • Classical control and output-feedback with topics including

    • Transfer functions

    • s-plane analysis

    • Stability criteria

    • PID controllers

    • Root locus

    • Controller design using op-amps

    • Compensation networks.

  • Modern control and fundamentals of state-feedback including

    • Matrix differential equations

    • Controllability

    • State transformations

    • Canonical forms

    • Control matrix design.


This course included hands-on experience in building a digital
feedback control system via a line-following robot

Working as a team with other classmates, our objective was to construct a line-following robot. A series of photodetectors fed information into an Arduino which was running a control program written by us. The photodetector information was processed to control the motors which drove the wheels of the robot, forming a feedback-control system to create a line-following robot.

Below you can see a video of us tuning the system's PID parameters while the robot operates


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